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Custom Internal Baby Sound Mechanism ~ Bring Your Baby To Life

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***Additional Waiting Time is REQUIRED - You MUST purchase a custom baby WITH THIS ITEM! This is a CUSTOM FITTED, IMPLANTED USB MECHANISM that allows you to select custom built-in baby sounds with the touch of a button.  Because it is an internal component that I will need to install you MUST PURCHASE this as an add-on to a custom baby you have already ordered from ME.  

If you purchase this as a standalone item (meaning that you have NOT purchased a custom baby from me to add this device to) then you will receive JUST THE UNIT and YOU are responsible for disassembling your baby and installing it yourself.  There are no refunds.

1. Are ONLY available when you have a current custom baby order with ME.
2. Are very realistic mechanisms that mimic a selection of real baby sounds
3. Are USB rechargeable.
4. Are a part of YOUR BABY'S BODY.
5. May cause a DELAY in your baby's processing if units are out of stock and I am waiting for more to arrive. **Don't order if you aren't willing to WAIT!

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