RainBaby Silicone Baby Bottom.  Realism Accessory.  Internal Component. **Upgrade Items.

RainBaby Silicone Baby Bottom. Realism Accessory. Internal Component. **Upgrade Items.

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🌸Silicone Tushie INSERT for your custom baby's bottom that feels real. 🌸This material will be assembled INSIDE THE CLOTH BODY To make your baby feel even more like a REAL BABY when you hold him/her. 🌸This is an optional upgrade that must be purchased in the SAME TRANSACTION as your custom baby OR you must have a custom baby IN PROCESS WITH ME NOW. 🌸This is NOT A CUSTOM BABY LISTING - YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A CUSTOM BABY WITH JUST THIS LISTING. 🌸THIS IS NOT A SILICONE BABY. 🌸If you purchase this item and a custom baby DOES NOT APPEAR IN THIS ORDER you will NOT be refunded the paid price and you WILL NOT receive a custom baby. ABOUT RAINBABY BOTTOMS Hand-Sculpted and Hand-Poured Silicone Baby Bottoms RainBaby Bottoms are a unique one piece design, so it will not slide around inside your doll body, unlike 2 separate silicone pieces. Made in the same way prosthetics and parts for animatronic robots and displays are made, with the same types of materials. Therefore, their life span is around 45 years or so as long as they are cared for properly. * Made with a special blend of silicone, and molded to fit into cloth reborn doll bodies. * They are inserted into a special Nude Colored Lycra Fabric covering. This way you can just drop them in and go. The lycra fabric is stretchy so it conforms nicely to the shape of the bottom without pulling tight.

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