CuStOm Roux by Cassie Brace (18 Inches + Full Limbs)
CuStOm Roux by Cassie Brace (18 Inches + Full Limbs)
CuStOm Roux by Cassie Brace (18 Inches + Full Limbs)
CuStOm Roux by Cassie Brace (18 Inches + Full Limbs)
CuStOm Roux by Cassie Brace (18 Inches + Full Limbs)
CuStOm Roux by Cassie Brace (18 Inches + Full Limbs)


CuStOm Roux by Cassie Brace (18 Inches + Full Limbs)

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EVERY custom baby is created with Prototype Style PAINTING & DETAILING. So you can rest assured you will receive a baby with the highest level of painted details possible. FINAL PRICING will be determined by your selections of baby's hair type and gift package. 🌷 PLEASE NOTE: This Baby's Material: Soft Vinyl + Cloth Body Realistically Weighted.

NAME: Betty J. Coffman
SALES: 800+

1. No Hair: Your baby will have painted eyebrows in the color of your choice. Sleeping babies will have rooted eyelashes to match. Awake babies are not given eyelashes unless requested. Strip eyelashes are the only ones available for awake babies. I am still learning rooted eyelashes on awake babies.
2. Newborn Illusions: Your baby will have very finely painted hair detailing. It gives just the hint of hair.
3. BabyStyle Rooted: Your baby will be given rooted hair in a baby style pattern in the color of your choice.
4. Image Reproduction: Your baby's hair pattern will be created as close to the prototype image (you will be asked to provide ONE image for reference after purchase) that you provide. There are NO EXACT MATCHES! But I can match the basic style and my hair is top quality in micro and mono-rooting. I use the softest hair available from Delta Dawn and other reputable mohair dealers.

1. You will choose the number of items included in your Gift Package. These items are mostly clothing; onesies, sleepers, gowns, etc. **NOTE: You cannot choose specific patterns because these items are selected from what is available at the time of fulfillment.
2. Deluxe Nursery: This is the largest of the packages. It contains 50 clothing items, a baby carrier and a small bassinet/moses basket. **NOTE: You cannot choose specific patterns because these items are selected from what is available at the time of fulfillment. Larger items are shipped direct from manufacturer.

🌷By Completing A Purchase You AGREE To The Following Terms:
1.) You are at least 18 years old.
2.) You have read and agree with all terms & conditions of this purchase.
3.) You understand that once an order has been placed it cannot be canceled for any reason.
4.) You understand that although standard processing is 16-32 weeks there may be additional delays in processing your order due to COVID-19 that are beyond our control AND you agree to wait at most 40 weeks for delivery of your order. If your order exceeds the maximum wait time you will receive a gift certificate in the amount that you paid that can be used toward a second baby as a thank you from the artist for your patience and for your support of her artistry.
5.) You understand that there are no refunds regardless of reason.
6.) You have viewed the artist's portfolio and you like the style of her reborn work.
7.) You understand that no two babies are ever exactly alike even when made by the same artist using the same vinyl kit.
8.) You understand that if it is found that your kit selection is on backorder at the time of your purchase you will have the option to select another kit or wait for your original selection. Cancellations will not be accepted.
9.) You understand that these dolls are hand made art pieces. Subtle variations and minor imperfections are normal and inherent in all hand made items and are NOT considered to be defects.
10.) You understand that customs duties and fees are YOUR responsibility. If an order is left unclaimed it may be destroyed. The order will be considered completed.

2. ORDER PROGRESS: Order updates are posted on my portfolio website at You will receive your password via confirmation email.
3. EXCHANGES: You will receive photo proofs of your baby via email/messages. You must either approve the baby for shipment or request to exchange for a new baby.
5. PACKAGING/DELIVERY: Your Order will arrive in 2-3 separate shipments. The first package will arrive 3-10 weeks after your order is placed and will contain your gift items from the artist as well as any package items in stock at that time. Your baby and any outstanding items will be in your final shipment. You will get a standard etsy tracking/shipment notification email for each shipment in your order.
6. BABY DESIGN FORM: I provide access to an OPTIONAL design form for your order which allows for more custom detailing options. You will find this form on my portfolio website at You will need your order number to submit the form.

Keep in mind that materials & kit supplies are moving very slowly since the COVID-19 pandemic began. There may be a longer wait time than usual. Many orders are completed within the normal processing time. However, please be aware before you purchase that it could take a little longer. This is beyond my control. We are hopeful that things will soon get back on track and kits will begin manufacturing in a timely manner once again. If you cannot wait patiently - please do NOT order. There are NO CANCELLATIONS or REFUNDS on any order regardless of reason.