CUSTOM ORDER Reborn Doll Baby Girl or boy Jack By Nikki Johnston 20 inches full limbs 5-7 lbs You Choose All The Details Layaway Available!

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All of My Babies are painted with three dimensional skin and age appropriate veining that runs throughout the limbs and scalp appearing to move deeper in some areas just like a real baby. Mottling and baby pinks splotches are added in multiple colors/shades which are built out from the same palette to preserve realism and congruence in all areas. The creases, wrinkles & fat rolls are shaded in two complementary colors to achieve the warm, natural babyskin effect and add depth so that it appears squishy.

Barely There Eyebrows are painted in several layers in the color of your choice and will appear three dimensional. Sleeping babies will have eyelashes that are rooted. Eyelashes are available ONLY by request on awake babies. Awake babies are fitted with premium collector grade optical acrylic eyes which can be upgraded to german glass eyes for $59. If you would like to upgrade to german glass eyes just send me a message here.

A very powerful rare earth magnet will be added inside the head just behind the lips for a pacifier (unless otherwise requested in the notes during checkout).

The body and limbs are weighted with ultra fine glass beads and topped with premium polyfil for a naturally poseable body and soft flexible limbs that are slightly squeezable. *see demo of this here

The head is weighted and will need support just like a newborn. You choose your hair type (rooted/painted/bald). Rooted babies receive premium Alpaca/Angora mohair which is micro-grafted into the scalp. Baby will have temple hairs and a sweet baby style complete with an adorable swirl at the crown. Hair is sealed from the inside of the head with clear drying adhesive to prevent excess shedding.

Packaging will vary based on your selections. All babies are wrapped in a waterproof padding layer to prevent any moisture damage should the box come in contact with water during transit. Most often box opening items will be delivered in the same packaging as the baby - but if an item is out of stock it will be shipped separately as soon as it is available. All babies are insured and shipped with tracking and signature required. There is no need to package babies with airpods or packing peanuts because there is nothing that can be broken or shattered. Glass items are padded when shipped and are secured to the box so they cannot move.

Your deposit amount is what you pay HERE when you checkout. You will still owe the balance of whichever package you have selected. Your first payment will be due 30 days after date of deposit. Maximum Layaway period is 12 months for this baby. All payments are non-refundable. Layaway will be setup using Invoicing at My Littlest Blessings. Only your deposit will be paid here. You will receive a message from me containing a link to your layaway agreement. You will receive automatic reminders for payment every 30 days until your layaway is complete. Your baby will NOT be created until your final payment has been made. *Layaway Shipping: You will receive a hard copy of your layaway package tracked with signature required. This serves as your layaway delivery for this item and your commitment to complete your layaway plan. There is no minimum monthly payment and no automatic payments.

I realize there are hundreds of custom doll artists to choose from to create your reborn baby. I want you to know that I appreciate your consideration and I hope that after reviewing my previous work, you will choose me to bring your little blessing to life. This work is my full time job. It is how I provide for my family, so rest assured that your baby means every bit as much to me as it does to you.

I put 100% into each and every baby I create.  And while no handmade item is ever "perfect" it is ALWAYS the goal.  I stand behind my work with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  If you receive your baby and it isn't what you had hoped for I will work with you to make it right!  Even if it means creating a brand new baby for you at no cost.  That is how important your buying experience is to me and that is how devoted I am to my work and my customers.  I am thankful to God for the opportunity to provide these babies to loving homes all around the world.  I hope you will choose me as your reborn artist.  To view my babies please visit

I have included an image in every listing that describes the contents of each coming home package. Please scroll through all of the listing images to find the packages.

Standard Processing Time: 16+ Weeks.
Why so long? Visit this page to see the process of creating a beautifully realistic reborn baby:

♦ ️Listing Images Are NOT The Baby You will Receive and many are NOT my work. To verify my work, please visit

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Buyer agrees to the following terms and conditions of this purchase.

1. Processing time BEGINS when I have received the blank kit & materials for your purchase.

2. Standard delivery is 12-16 weeks but occasionally it may require additional time to complete your order. Patience is required!

3. There are no refunds, no cancellations and no returns on any custom made doll.

4. Reporting your transaction as an item not received FORCES immediate shipment of incomplete item. Please be patient and communicate with ME directly regarding your order. Once an item not received report has been issued it is out of my hands. Your incomplete doll must be sent at that time.

5. There are NO CANCELLATIONS on ANY ORDER on Etsy. ALL sales are FINAL. If you ordered the wrong baby by accident I can change the kit for you at no cost as long as the baby has not yet been started.