❤ My Rooting ❤

Take a look at this quick video that showcases both in progress as well as finished rooting projects.  As you can see, each follicle is painstakingly placed into the scalp at the flattest angle I can achieve for hair that is directionally rooted.  This helps the hair to stay in place better and stick up less. Occasionally a buyer will request spiked hair which is rooted at a greater angle to create that look and prevent the hair from falling flat.  Once all of the hair is rooted and I am satisfied with the look of the baby I will glue the hair in place from the inside using a clear, flexible adhesive.  This prevents excess shedding during handling of the baby.  Once the adhesive has been applied it has to cure.  This usually takes 48-72 hours (occasionally more if the weather is damp).  After that, we're on to assembly and photography.  Not every baby will get the photography package - this is based on the buyers package.