Studio Update 01-11-2020

I am republishing this page update as a new post to be sure that everyone who is waiting for a delivery has been updated on the progress of their babies. If you are waiting for a delivery AND you have read this entire post and have any questions please contact me directly and I will do my best to help you.

NOTICE: I am doing my VERY BEST to get caught up on all babies that are behind schedule due to rooting or other issues. In the interest of reducing waiting periods I am now outsourcing six rooting projects to two reputable hair artists who are assisting me with catching up. I have moved these baby orders into the January queue. I ask that you PLEASE be patient so we can create the BEST QUALITY BABY for you! I promise your baby will be worth the wait.

Assembly, Album & Packaging

PLEASE NOTE: These babies will ship on Tuesday/Wednesday next week.

  1. ‘Lil Yawn (Newcombe) BASIC
  2. Malea (Maelys) BASIC

Rooting by Precious Newborns

These babies will arrive with Lisa by Tuesday for rooting and will require several days per head for completion.

  1. Pilar (Swain) LAYAWAY
  2. Camilo (E. Boston) JTB
  3. Adelaide (Hix)

Rooting by Me

  1. Sleeping Ashley (Kelley) JTB
  2. Josiah (Hix)
  3. Saskia (Hix)
  4. Kiara (Spackman) *Platinum
  5. Lark (Spackman) * Platinum
Paint Studio

This section has been paused temporarily to allow for the catch up rooting sequence listed above. Rooting has been scheduled with Sharon’s Special Treasures once their painting is completed. This will significantly reduce waiting time. Your patience is greatly appreciated!

  1. Tobiah (Balser) PLATINUM
    1. Detailing In Progress – Scheduled For Rooting by Sharon’s Special Treasures
  2. Sarah (Meth) JTB
    1. Detailing In Progress – Scheduled For Rooting by Sharon’s Special Treasures
  3. Zuri Awake (Coan) BRONZE
    1. Detailing In Progress – Scheduled For Rooting by Sharon’s Special Treasures
  4. Babette (Dawson) GOLD
    1. Detailing In Progress – Scheduled For Rooting by Me
  5. Flynn (Marugg)*GOLD
    1. Detailing In Progress – Scheduled For Rooting by Me


  1. Sleeping Elizabeth (Jannsen)
  2. Martha Grace (Testa)
  3. Sleeping Ashley (Marcelina) BASIC
  4. Adrian (Hammond)
  5. Opal (Kessler)
  6. Sleeping Dominick (Topp)
  7. Mya (Payton)
  8. Eloise (Draper)
  9. Noel (Montgomery)
  10. Fiona (Vatca)
  11. Petya (Hammond)
  12. Pilar (Cooley)
  13. Johanna+Torso (Burres) *Platinum
  14. 3 Months Joseph (Rose) *Painted Hair
  15. Lailani (Perez) JTB **Kit Delay


  1. Mick (Voyles) *Silver 12Wk DkBr/Thick+magnet extra depth
  2. Harper  (Fraley)
  3. Pilar + Torso (J. Spackman)
  4. Heron + Torso (J. Spackman)
  5. 7 Mos June Asleep (D. Spackman)
  6. 3 Mos Joseph (D. Spackman)
  7. Gertie (Gerika)
  8. Tobiah (Gerika)
  9. Journey (Pond)
  10. Kenzie (England) Layaway 3/1
  11. Sherry (Bravo)
  12. Tori (Zorn)


  1. Realborn Macey *JTB
  2. Jack (Bourque)
  3. Annalise (Bourque) 
  4. Yona (Bourque) 
  5. Emery (Bourque) 
  6. Elise (Bourque)
  7. Serah (Bourque)
  8. Julie (Figueredo)
  9. Adelaide + 3Sound Mix Unit (Woodbury)
  10. Chase (Wood) *JTB
  11. Zuri (Long) *JTB


  1. Landon (Bahner) *Basic
  2. Shaya (Bahner) *Basic
  3. Salia (Collosso) *Silver
  4. Marie W (Collosso) *Bogo
  5. Joseph Asleep (Kelly)
  6. Vincent (Bahner)
  7. Summer Rain (Newell)
  8. Lailani ( Reine-Claude)
  9. Phoenix (Wee)
  10. Parker (Pierette) *SPH Web Order
  11. Flynn (McCartney)
  12. Tink (McCartney)


  1. Joy (Wilson)
  2. Martha Grace (Wilson)
  3. River (Lanning)
  4. Sansa (Woodhouse)
  5. Realborn Darren Asleep (Mackay)
  6. Martha Grace (Voyles)
  7. James Twin 1 (Dawson)
  8. James Twin 2 (Dawson)
  9. Braelyn *JTB (Ackett)
  10. Parker *JTB (Marinella) ***awaiting kit


  1. Noel (McCartney)
  2. Mick (Lacur) *JTB
  3. Ruby (Guerrero) *Gold
  4. Kyrie Asleep (Winigman) *JTB 3K Likes Winner
  5. Zori (Rashed) *JTB
  6. Salia (Yakoub) *Silver 
  7. Parker (Kumferman) **Shopify – awaiting kit jtb**
  8. Luv Buggie (Thomas) *JTB
  9. Andi (Hoyle) *JTB


  1. Levi (Kelley) Practice/Courtesy * aboriginal complexion
  2. Harper (Nunez) *Exchange
  3. Portrait (Nunez)
  4. Georgia *Silicone (Romano)
  5. Avelee (Mayoral) *JTB
  6. Jack (Dudek) *JTB
  7. Realborn Sleeping Darren (Bourland)*JTB
  8. Realborn Darren Awake (Bourland) *JTB


  1. Sue-Sue (Steponek) *JTB #618/999
  2. LouLou (Willer) *JTB #24/2100
  3. Tia (Mozee) *Bronze Boy #18/1200
  4. Tia (Brendel) *JTB #32/1200
  5. Elise (Adams) *JTB #48/666
  6. Saskia (Hassan) *JTB
  7. Martha-Grace (Gignac) *JTB #123/500 ((torso or cloth body? awaiting customer reply))





If your order appears here this means that the sculpt you have requested is temporarily unavailable and is awaiting the manufacturer’s reproduction of the kit. As the sculpt is restocked the orders will fall into queue based on delivery of materials (as stated in your order documentation)

  1. Lelou *JTB (Bothwell)


  1. Yannik *JTB (Hammond) ***Rec
  2. Mika *JTB (Abramov) ***Rec
  3. Sue-Sue *JTB (Vadillo)***3pmt L MacP
  4. Robin Awake *Bronze (Lee) ***3pmt L MacP
  5. Coco-Malu *JTB (Graham) ***3pmt L MacP
  6. 7 Months June *Bronze (Pacheco) ***Rec
  7. Sleeping Zuri *JTB (Lynch) ***Rec
  8. LE Lil Chick *Diamond (Poot) ***3pmt L MacP
  9. LE Lil Chick *Diamond (Rosas) ***3pmt L MacP
  10. Amy *Diamond (Frickling) ***3pmt L?Ful? MacP
  11. Sleeping Zuri *JTB (Long) ***Rec
  12. Jack *JTB (Tassou) ***3pmt L MacP
  13. Adeline *Diamond (Munday) Lay-Buy ***Irres-Pd-Ful


While I do my absolute BEST to be as FAST as possible, this work requires ALL of my attention to detail and EVERY BIT of my focus on quality. This requires a HUGE INVESTMENT OF TIME.

Many artists can quote custom delivery in 6 weeks or less. The difference between them and me is in the amount of custom orders I receive as well as individual processes and mediums. Keep in mind that because I am a high volume artist with a very high level of demand for my work, extended baby wait periods are normal and to be expected. This is stated in every listing and throughout the website. I cannot be responsible for customers who fail to read all of the information before purchasing a baby.

**If your wait time puts you past the delivery date you desire – you may choose to expedite your order. CLICK HERE TO EXPEDITE

POLICIES: I have a few concerns in that perhaps some of my collectors have not read my policies or I have perhaps been somehow unclear in how my studio operates and why orders placed with me may have a very long baby wait. So, I will attempt to clarify here. The reasons for the long processing time are that I am a high volume artist, which means that I have a tremendous number of orders at any given time (for which I am very thankful!) Orders do take time to complete! Babies are completed in batches not singularly as this would further extend waiting times. 


  • If a buyer becomes slanderous or abusive or threatening in any way they will receive their doll as is. It will be shipped on that day at whatever stage it is in and the order will be marked as complete. Threatening to slander my reputation is grounds for a lawsuit which will be pursued enthusiastically in a court of law.
  • If a buyer initiates a chargeback the company will take legal action against the buyer to recompense and will pursue litigation for breach of contract.
  • If a buyer opens a case on Etsy for item not received I am given no other choice but to ship the item IMMEDIATELY at whatever stage it is in at that time.  I am required to ship the item to you whether it is finished or not if you do this – so please do NOT do this!  Instead, you can work with me and I will do everything in my power to get your order shipped COMPLETED in as little time as possible.  Once a case has been opened on Etsy it is too late and you will receive an incomplete doll. I will still be more than happy to finish the baby BUT you will have to pay to ship it back to me and then PAY AGAIN to have it re-shipped back to you when it is finished.  
  • In order to receive updates and progress images, you must subscribe to my website as individual updates are unable to be sent out due to time constraints.  In the interest of efficiency and speed of delivery all progress images are posted to the website.