September Delivery Schedule

September Delivery Schedule

Please keep in mind that while these weekly estimates are generally accurate, there is ALWAYS a possibility that it could change. Things that could affect this projected delivery date would be paint/curing issues, sculpt breakdown, backordered elements like eyes or hair.

Estimated Shipping September 7th

  1. Jack *Gold (Guglielmino) Boy Caucasian Black Hair
  2. Jack *JTB (Bourque) Boy Caucasian Black Hair
  3. Jack (Dudek) *JTB Girl Caucasian Light Brown Hair
  4. Zori *JTB (Savoca) Boy Caucasian Brown Hair

Estimated Shipping September 14th

  1. Tia (Mozee) *Bronze Boy Skin- brown skinned (mocha colored), Hair- rooted, Eyes- hazel or brown,
  2. Odessa *JTB (Biersack) Boy Caucasian Black Hair

Estimated Shipping September 21st

  1. Realborn Sleeping Darren (Bourland)*JTB + SoundBib Boy FHC BOY CAUCASIAN DARK BLONDE HAIR
  3. Sue-Sue (Steponek) *JTB #618/999 Girl,Personalization:bright blue eyes,straight look,bright blonde hair
  4. LouLou (Willer) *JTB #24/2100 Girl Caucasian Blonde Hair fine rooted

Estimated Shipping September 28th

  1. Harper (Nunez) *Exchange Boy Hispanic Thick Dark Hair *see ref
  2. Noel (Nunez) *Portrait Baby Girl Hispanic, storkbite between & above eyebrows, birthmark on upper right arm *see ref
  3. Levi (YlyeKelly) #1308184538  aboriginal complexion awaiting confirmation of details.
  4. Avelee (Mayoral) *JTB Girl Caucasian Black Hair *see ref fb

Orders On Hold

  1. Parker (Kumferman)*JTB Baby boy, Caucasian with rosy cheeks. Medium brown hair Eye color light brown 6+ pounds 30-00087380 AWAITING TORSO
  2. Georgia *Silicone (Romano) Girl, Caucasian medium brown hair and medium brown eyes AWAITING GLASS EYES & HAIR
  3. Ashley Awake *Silver (Davis)**NO HAIR/SHOWER23 AWAITING SCULPT ARRIVAL (once I have received this sculpt the order will be processed as stated above.)

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