100% Satisfaction Guarantee

It is my goal that you be happy with your purchase and that you have an excellent buying experience. I understand that sometimes a baby might not meet an expectant mommy’s vision. In these instances, the following options are available to you.

  1. Send the baby back for alteration (buyer pays shipping).
  2. Refund via resale in my shop. Baby will be returned to me, listed in my store at the original purchase price and when the baby is sold – you get your money back. This option can take some time depending on the current demand for the baby you returned and shopping trends at that time.
  3. Brand New Baby. This allows you to have another baby created from a different kit that I have IN STOCK at that time. You will be given the kits I have to choose from. The new baby will have a standard 16 week delivery.


Your Baby must come back to me in original condition. Package must be insured for the full value of the doll with tracking. Submit return request within 48 hours of receipt of delivery by submitting the form at the weblink that will be provided with your baby shipment.